The One Thing That Makes A Good Agent!

Real Estate

Written by Glenn Necklen

Effective Communication!

Now, I'm not suggesting this as the main thing an agent needs to be successful in sales- not by any means. Being successful in Real Estate sales can be due to many factors,  such as; persistence, tireless effort, positive attitude, etc..., but to be viewed as a "Good Agent" by clients and consumers alike, it boils down to one main ingredient:  You have to be an effective communicator!

The vast majority of clients I have worked with over the years have given me the same answer to this question: What didn't you like about your last sales agent? Or, What would you like to see from me if I were your agent? The recurring answer is that they either didn't get enough communication from their last agent, or they would like to see more communication in the future.  

This got me asking myself...How can I be different so my clients don't say that about me?  The answer is the framework for how agents should work with clients in Real Estate.  Here are the three main components to the process of effective communication:

1.  Set Expectations Upfront.

Real Estate agents need to take the time to discuss with clients how things will be communicated, how often clients can expect information, and by what means they will receive the information. Asking a customer/client one simple question helps set expectations moving forward: Do they prefer email, text, or phone? Determining this preference upfront has a tremendous impact on how a client will view the agent's ability to meet their needs. Also, be specific about the process of communicating. Don't leave clients in the dark.   

2. Use a System and Be Consistent.

It's no secret that having defined systems makes salespeople more accountable to their clients. But, what isn't obvious is that even the process of communicating, and when that communication will take place, needs to be a defined process.  For example:  Our policy is to provide our listing clients with a "weekly update" every Monday, so they know when to expect to hear from us. Then of course the key is to stick to that system and never let people down on that promise.

3. Always Convey Important Information Quickly.

Not only do we, as agents, owe it to our clients to be swift in communicating important information, but we must try to remember to treat people the way we would want to be treated.  When I receive information regarding a client's sale, I always ask myself- Is this something I would want to know if I were the client? The answer should indicate whether or not we should contact the client immediately to convey the information. Waiting to share bad information most certainly can lead to a client feeling mistreated or misrepresented.

Agents should stick to these three principals, even when it's uncomfortable or stressful to do so.  Being an effective communicator is paramount to lasting in sales, especially in a transaction based business like Real Estate.

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